Monday, January 01, 2007

Devina and Vincent

The cupid struck following a 'date' arranged through their parents who also happen to be family friends. And Devina Mary Quadros ('00) is now to be married to Vincent Saldanha on Jan 14, 2007.

[ Click for a larger version ]

Devina is a 2000 batch student, who since graduated from Bhandarkar's Arts and Science College, Kundapur with a Bachelors in Business Administration. She has since been working as a Customer Support Office in Kuwait. Devina's twin brothers Denver Quadros ('98) and Denveer Quadros ('98) are also Little Rock alumni.

Vincent Saldanha, a native of Andheri, Mumbai works in Kuwait as a Systems Engineer.

Congratulations ! We wish Devina and Vincent a happily married life.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Silver Jubilee Celebrations - Photographs

The Silver Jubilee reunion finally happened, after several months of uncertainity earlier in the year about whether there will such an event followed by a few weeks of uncertainity about when exactly the celebrations would be.

We have no reliable estimates of the attendance at the event. Informal estimates put it at 250 alumni attendees.

I have created a website that could be a central repository for all alumni reunion pictures. I have uploaded the pictures I have received so far here for your viewing/saving/printing pleasure. More expected in the coming days.

If you have pictures from your camera, please email them to me at the highest possible resolution. Attach a file to If you have used picasa before and/or would like to upload pictures yourself, pls. write to me for the account password.

Here are some media reports.

[ This happens to be the 100th post on this blog. Thankyou readers (for putting up ??)]

- Sharath Rao ('97)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Official invitation ( and a clarification )

Little Rock has put up formal invitations on its website pertaining the Silver Jubilee function.

Please read them here. And here.

Note : Here is a clarification about the invitations above. Both of these have a note that says that "Photography and Videography is prohibited". We contacted Prof. Ninan to obtain a clarification on this announcement. Prof. Ninan wrote back confirming the following :

As is the usual practice at Little Rock, this restriction applies ONLY to stage events. This is to avoid having scores of attendees walking back and forth throughout the program causing discomfort to the audience and/or performers. ( Little Rock is arranging to photograph and video-record the performances and you can request the CD. )

So do not hesitate to carry your cameras and camcorders. Just shoot it !

- Sharath Rao('97)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Heads up !!

Little Rock has posted updated information on the schedule for the Little Rock Silver Jubilee Alumni reunion scheduled to be held on campus on Saturday and Sunday, Dec 16-17th. We hope this will help those who are attending plan their schedule. Also if this can help those who currently think they cannot attend, review the circumstances and perhaps change their decision.

Just a reminder - alumni members, irrespective of your plan to attend the reunion, please register here.

Dear students,

Our website sees new registrations of our alumni every day. A vast number of old students are planning to come for the Alumni Reunion on December 16 and 17. I find that there are many coming even from distant cities in India, and some even from foreign countries to be here on this historic occasion. We are really overwhelmed by the response. We are indeed proud of our old students, much the same way as you are proud of your Little Rock.

Let me give you an outline of the programme.

Saturday, December 16 : 3 pm to 6 pm Get-together and tea party

Sunday, December 17 : 2 pm to 2.45 pm Fellowship

3 pm to 6 pm Formal Function

Mr. Justice Santhosh Hegde N, former Judge of the Supreme Court of India, and presently Lokayukta of Karnataka will be the guest of honour on Sunday. We are fortunate to have such a great personality to be with us. Justice Hegde wants to interact with the present and past students of Little Rock. He will not merely make a speech, but will have a question answer session with the audience.

After the formal function, we will have around 1 hour’s entertainment programme. The present students are preparing to entertain you with a few items for about half an hour. Old students who are talented and would like to present some items are welcome to do so. They must however inform us about it within a week of this letter. The item must be of high standard, suitable for a school audience (remember we are still a school) and very brief – lasting 5-7 minutes only. No elaborate skit, drama or orchestra is possible.

We will give this opportunity to earlier batches – up to 2001-02. Those who have definite plans must inform us by email clearly what they are planning to do, and get the approval of the entertainment committee. Since we have to plan every minute detail, as is our practice always, we cannot permit impromptu presentations. Please do understand this. The programme must end by 6 pm on both days.

We look forward to meeting the largest congregation of our old students right from the early days of the school. Alumni meet is not necessarily only for those who completed Class X or XII from Little Rock. Anyone who has studied here will form part of the Little Rock Alumni. It would thus be a great occasion.

Please register in the website if you haven’t done so as yet. We will try to send invitations to those whose addresses we get. We will also announce in local newspapers. Please consider this letter as an invitation and come even if another invitation doesn’t reach you. I hope you will do it.


Mathew C. Ninan,


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Delta is not just a Greek letter anymore !

As we write this, Ramyaram ('97) is taking the Delta Airlines flight from JFK, New York City to Chatrapathi Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, her first flight as a flight attendant !

Sitting in her New York home contemplating her next career move with the GMAT examination due in a week, she suddenly chanced upon a advertisement. One thing lead to another, a month long training in Atlanta later, she is onboard. She says the move to shift from Computer Engineering which is what her undergraduate degree is about to a flight attendant's career was entirely unthought and unplanned.

She is seen here in her Delta Airlines uniform, a picture shot in Pittsburgh ( Courtesy : Sadiq Sherieef ('97) ).

Ramyaram was at Little Rock from UKG-III (1986-1989) and V-VI ( 1991-93). Since then she has lived and schooled in Oman, Bangalore, Hongkong, Melbourne and is now based in New York City with her parents and sister, Rashmiram ('00), who is a graduate student studying psychology at the New York University.

We always knew Ramya was a high-flyer !! Congratulations and wishing you more miles and smiles !!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Case Study - Class of 1997

Little Rock has released a book bringing together some article contributions from students/teachers/alumni /parents and memorabilia from the yesteryears. Okay, no electronic version unfortunately. But those attending the 25th anniversary alumni reunion will be presented a copy !

Ashith and I sent a contribution which we are putting up here for the benefit of interested alums. Its an article providing some data of what the Class of 1997 has been upto since 1997 ! We talk about what they are doing, what areas of study have people pursued, how have boys and girls differed in the choices they made and where they are right now. Here is an extract. You may download the complete article here.

At 25, we are comparatively a young school. This is therefore best time for Little Rock to start such an exercise i.e. to commit itself to tracking the progress of its alumni members as they graduate from school and step out of that 30 acre-campus into a world which doesn’t bend over backwards to accommodate them. In order to help Little Rock with such an exercise, we have compiled a limited set of statistics of our graduating class – the Class of 1997.

It is hard to put an estimate on the size of this batch since several students joined and left at some point in time. Specifically in March 1997, this batch was about 144 strong – 82 boys and 62 girls. However, including the many students who were around after or before Class X, the potential size of the batch is likely around 225. Of these, we had access to data from 157 students i.e. we know where they are, what they are doing and we have the means (phone/email/local address) to reach them. This is the sample size of the data we used to compile the statistics we present in this article. Since the size is rather small and since the data we compiled were not through personal interviews but from our own knowledge and that of others, we suspect that there may be an error of less than 2-3% in the figures we present. In short, these figures are meaningful and say a story.

- Sharath Rao('97)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

(A) Litle Rock in the Deccan (Herald)

A well-wisher friend sends an article from the Deccan Herald about Little Rock. It says :
From a small school in 1982 to its present size of 3180 students, 145 teachers and 65 non-teaching staff, Little Rock Indian School is perhaps one of the largest schools in Karnataka with only English medium classes.
You will have to click the image for a larger view or save it on your local machine to read through.